January Learning in P6

Happy New Year from Primary 6. So far this term we have been learning about friction in science where we planned and carried out our own investigation to test our thoughts as part of a team. We have also been taking part in our “Philosophy discussions” where we have been exploring social issues such as “Is it always right to co-operate with others?” and “Is Isaac the robot a person?”. Pupils have been taking this opportunity to voice their opinions as well as justify them and refer to other points raised. This fed into our narrative writing where we imagined a futuristic world filled with robots.


This term we have also started our “Victorians” topic where we have been exploring the early life of Queen Victoria as well as Victorian housing and the social class system.

Football skills with the Russell Anderson Foundation on Tuesdays has started again and pupils are enjoying this unique opportunity to have specialist training for 45 minutes each week.

Miss Bennett would like to thank parents for their continuous support with homework and for reminding pupils to return completed reading books.

P.E is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.