Term 3 news

Primary Four have been very busy over the last three weeks since we returned to school after our holidays.


Within our spelling lessons, we have been working on “oi” and “k” since the term began. The children have been taking part in a range of literacy activities, improving their spelling abilities and expanding their vocabulary.

We have started our class novel, “The B.F.G.” and we are really enjoying reading a book as a class and learning about new and exciting reading strategies. A lot of our writing this term will be based around the novel.

We are continuing to use reflective reading activities in the classroom and for our homework, allowing the learners to explore their higher order thinking skills through reading.

In our classroom, we aim to create life-long readers with good reading habits. Every day, the pupils are given the opportunity to read their Accelerated Reader books for 20 minutes, a book of their choice. The children can bring these books home if they wish to read for pleasure at home.


We have started our topic on “money”. We will be revisiting our recognition of coins and notes, as well as expanding our knowledge of adding and subtracting money and tackling real life money skills. Real life contexts will help the children to grasp the concept of money so small things like allowing them to help count your change or adding up prices on a brochure would be great learning experiences for the children at home.

In mental maths, we are continuing to explore a range of strategies on a weekly basis.


Our topic this term is “The Vikings”. We will be exploring a wide range of activities about the Vikings, to expand our understanding of who were the Vikings and where did they come from as well their daily lives and traditions. The Vikings is a wonderful topic and we look forward to exploring it further.

Health and well-being

This term, we have been learning lots of Scottish country dances in preparation for our Burns Day Ceilidh. P4 were excellent in helping the younger children learn their dances. On the day, we performed a traditional Scots song to people from the parish. This was a lovely experience. We had a great time taking part in the ceilidh with the other classes in the school.

Mrs Jadid took us to do some bird watching in the environmental garden. We saw a huge variety of birds and had a great time!


We are very lucky to be having Mandarin lessons once a week. We are currently learning about the Chinese New Year Festival.  Today we had the opportunity to hear and try playing traditional Chinese instruments with visiting teachers who are colleagues of Miss Zhou.    .