News from P1 Blue

In January we have been really busy. We have been using the Chrome books to learn how to code with Mr Campbell. Have a look! 

Every Friday in P1 Blue we have Show and Tell. We all bring in something to talk about and share with the class. We manage to speak to all members of the class and take turns to talk and to listen. We love it! 

In Maths we have been looking at number stories. This week we looked at number bonds to 10 and we played games to help us learn and remember.


We have just finished consolidating the sounds, h, w, j and v. Have a look at the words we wrote for the letter ‘w’. 

Even in the cold weather, we have been going into the environmental garden to explore. We looked out for different types of birds using binoculars to see closer. We have also been creating lots of things in the Mud Kitchen. We are looking forward to making lots more things outside and wearing the waterproof suits!!