February news from Primary 3 blue.

Primary three have had a great time over the last two weeks celebrating Chinese New Year. 

We enjoyed learning about Chinese musical instruments. It was very exciting getting to learn to play them.




We had a visit from a Chinese Lion who did a wonderful dance for us in the hall.

We were very creative and decorated Chinese lanterns with wonderful designs.



We loved watching a video about a magician wearing a Chinese mask (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzr4oguT53Y). We learned the names for the colours in Mandarin and found out what each colour represents in the masks. After that, we created our own masks which look wonderful! We will present our masks to the other classes in assembly this week.

In maths, we have been learning about tiling and symmetry. The children enjoyed playing the Chinese game of Tangrams. They created wonderful animal tangrams which brighten up the wall. After learning lots about symmetry, the children were challenged to create their own symmetrical pictures…the results were fantastic!



We have started a unit on time. This week the children were learning about duration. They had lots of activities to complete where they had to estimate how many times they could complete a particular activity in a minute. Some of the activities were very challenging! For the next few weeks we will be learning to tell the time on both digital and analogue clocks.


We have been very busy with our active phonics lessons for the sounds ch, se, c and ea. We will be going on to learn about the sounds ou and ey before having a consolidation week to revise the sounds that we have been learning.

In our writing lessons, we have been writing Scottish weather forecasts and continuing a story all about a strange noise coming from the cupboard. Our writing has really been improving and our stories are fantastic!
e enjoy reading stories to one another.

We are continuing our project on Communication. Recently the children have been learning about sound. We used drums and cymbals to help us to learn that sound is caused by vibrations. We have also learned about how the ear helps us to hear.
Next week we are going to start learning about a very different type of communication, sign language!

We explored this by seeing beads dancing on a drum.

Aberdeen Sports Village

We were very lucky this week to visit the ASV for an athletics class. We ran races and threw the javelin. Our favourite activity by far was getting to practise our long jump skills and landing in the sand!


We have been enjoying joining with Primary three red each day to learn about Reconciliation with Mrs Martin. Thank you for supporting the children in this important time by looking at their books with them each evening.