P6 Term 3 Learning

This term has been very busy.

Earlier in the term we tried working out a missing value in a sum which was represented by a letter. We moved on to subtractions, division and multiplication problems. To make this relevant to our learning, we moved on to measurement. We then saw examples of when a measurement may be labelled as a letter rather than a number.
We have since been exploring ways to solve a missing length when working with perimeter. Some of us have also been working on compound shapes and how to break a shape up into more manageable shapes so as to work out the area.
We have been continuing practising our division skills in mental maths and how to compensate.

We have been writing narratives of an expedition, recounts of a child working in Victorian times and persuading on behalf of Dr. Barnardo to get education for all. We started our class novel “Holes” for us to apply our Reflective Reading strategies where we have mostly focused on metacognition and inference. After Easter we will continue our novel where we will use our visualisation and meta linguistic skills. On Friday 24th March we walked to Blackwells Book shop to collect our free World Book Day book. These are all Accelerated Reader Books and some of us have enjoyed finishing the book and completing a quiz already.

Health and Wellbeing
We have been exploring food labelling and how we can use this to make healthy choices. We explored amounts of calories, sugar and fat. As part of our New Year’s Resolutions and combining with Lent, we have been reflecting. We have been looking recently at how we can be “Bucket Fillers” rather than “Bucket Dippers”. Ask us all about it and we will explain the story. We learnt the power of this metaphor and how it connects to our self-esteem. Next term we will be making a pledge to be a class of “Bucket Fillers” where we will be identifying each day at least 1 thing we have done and we will have a “Bucket Filling Report” from our weekly class reporter. In P.E we have been creating sequences in gymnastics.

Earlier in the term we explored friction and air resistance. Later we explored inheritance and the difference between inherited and non-inherited traits. We explored the evolution of the peppered moth and how the species evolved over time during the industrial revolution. To celebrate science week, we enjoyed talking P1-3 through our work during the “Science Walk”. We enjoyed seeing what the infants had been up to in Science too.

We have been reflecting during Lent on the life of Jesus and his journey to the resurrection on Easter Sunday. We have been comparing the old and new covenants and on Wednesday 29th and Friday 31st March we attended an “Easter Journey” at the Mission Church. Pupils engaged fantastically and were excellent representatives of St. Peter’s School.

On 24th March, P6 presented their learning on SCIAF after Mark Booker visited us earlier in the term. We focused on Charity as one of the 3 practices of Lent. P6 pupils shared their knowledge of Kamona and encouraged the rest of P4-7 to donate to SCIAF in their wee boxes or on Thursday 30th March at the House Captain Event. Thank you to Imdad and Justin for representing the class.