P4 Term 3 news

As another term draws to an end, here is an update of some of the learning that has gone on in Primary four in the last month.


Within our spelling lessons, the children are encouraged to consolidate their knowledge of phonemes. They use this knowledge to help them spell accurately and children gain confidence to read with understanding and expression. Over a 10 day period, we work through a range of literacy activities based on a particular sound, taking a problem solving approach. We will continue this approach after the holidays. The children’s weekly spelling homework will help consolidate their knowledge.

We continue to read our class novel, “The B.F.G.”. Through our novel, we are learning to improve our fluency and develop our comprehension skills. We have also completed some pieces of writing linked to our novel such as newspaper articles, diary entries and report writing.

We are continuing to use reflective reading activities in the classroom and for our homework, allowing the learners to explore their higher order thinking skills through reading.

To celebrate World Book Day, Primary 4 created their own book chain. We made a new front cover and blurb for our favourite books and made links between them whether that be themes, authors or types of characters to create a book chain. We also designed our door in honour of our favourite book of all, “The B.F.G.”.


We have completed our topic on “money”. Primary 4 have become experts in recognising coins and notes, as well as adding and subtracting money and tackling real life money skills. Some of us even learned how our division skills can be used in money. We are now moving on to measure. Education City games will be assigned on a weekly basis to develop the children’s measurement skills.

In mental maths, we are continuing to explore a range of strategies on a weekly basis.


To celebrate “Science Week”, P4  participated in a whole school science walk. The children loved the experience. In our own classroom, we worked in co-operative groups to create our own “walking rainbow”, learning about capillary action.






Next we went exploring in the younger classrooms, finding out about the different science learning that was going on in every class. Then, these classes got a chance to come and see our fantastic experiments, giving us the chance to share our knowledge.

Expressive arts

We were very lucky to have “Jammin’ Andy” back for a visit. We learned some dance moves, new and old, and we enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents!

Primary 4 have been having lots of musical experiences lately. We were given the opportunity to take part in an “Arts across learning” project. This allowed us to compose our own piece of Viking music, using our own instruments. We also created a film trailer, using our own musical compositions as well as a green screen, to allow us to take part in the trailer.

To end our project, we shared our learning with the primary 4/5 class, who were also participating in the project. First, we performed our piece called “A day in the life of a Viking”. Then we went and listened to their musical piece all about life in a castle. It was a very enjoyable experience. We have some very talented musicians in Primary 4!





As our Viking topic comes to an end, the children were asked to complete their own personal project based on the Vikings. They were asked to create a book based on their own piece of research. The standard of the work completed by the children was fantastic! We had a gallery walk, allowing everyone to have a look through all the excellent projects and give some peer feedback. It was a lovely experience. I was so proud of the hard work completed by the class.


In preparation for our First Holy Communion, each child was given a lovely book called “I belong”, documenting their First Holy Communion journey. The book is to be completed at home and in school. Your support is very much appreciated.

Creative conference

We were invited to take part in the Creative Conference in the University of Aberdeen, run by M.A. 2 Education students. We had a great time, taking part in lots of different workshops based on lots of curricular areas such as science, literacy, problem solving and expressive arts.


It is hard to believe we are starting the final term of Primary 4 after the holidays! Your on-going support is very much appreciated. Wishing you a happy Easter from Primary 4.