Primary 3 Blue class news.

Our topic this term is communication. This week we are looking at modern ways to communicate. One way to communicate with people is by using websites like this one! We have decided to write this post ourselves rather than Miss MacDonald writing it.

Over the last few weeks, we have been developing our skills in gymnastics with Mrs Armstrong. We were learning to make sentences with our bodies. We were learning to do backwards and forwards rolls on benches. It was lots of fun but quite hard! We also did some balancing on the benches. Sometimes we went backwards or forwards. We also did little jumps on the benches. Mrs Armstrong attached benches to the wall and we were learning to do rolls uphill and downhill.
By the Purple table, Simone and Ola K.


 How animals communicate.
We were learning about how animals communicate. We were in three groups learning about different animals. One group was learning about bats, another was learning about whales and the last group was learning about dolphins. We were using websites on the ipads to find  out about the animal’s communication methods. One way that dolphins communicate with other dolphins is that they jump.Bats communicate with one another through echolocation of very high frequency sounds.Whales make moaning sounds to tell other whales where they are. It was great fun getting to use the ipads.
By the Yellow table, Nadia, Adam N, Viki D and Piotr.

World book day.
On World Book day we all brought our favourite books into school We took a photo with our books.

We did lots of fun activities about Harry Potter. We wrote our own potions, we made wands and we drew Harry, Hermione and Ron for our special Harry Potter door. We even played a special Harry Potter mental maths game.  We are reading the first Harry Potter book in class and we are really enjoying it!
By the pink table, Badejoko, Olivia, Inez and Baron.

The library trip.
On World Book Day we went to Tillydrone library. We really enjoyed it because most of us like reading books. In the library we listened to stories read by the librarians.We went on a treasure hunt in the library where we had to find books with minibeasts on them. We investigated lots of books and we really enjoyed our visit.

By the green table, Natalia, Leo and Alex

Marvellous Maths!
In maths we have been learning about tally charts and how we use them. We all had a clipboard and we  wrote headings of what we were finding. We went into the garden to find pirate windows, tyres, picnic benches and trees. We had to count them in a tally chart.
We used tally charts to get information for the bar graphs. We made a big bar graph on the wall about our favourite pets. Bar graphs give us information about a survey of what people like.
We did a Venn diagram on the wall. Venn diagrams are two circles that overlap. Each circle stands for something different. In the middle it means both things.
We enjoyed learning about graphs and Venn diagrams.

By the red table, Wiktor, Ola M, Olivier and Stephanie N.

St Patrick’s Day
We learned about St Patrick. He is the Patron Saint of Ireland. He was captured by pirates and became a slave.He told people about Jesus. He became a bishop in Rome. On St Patrick’s Day Miss Wilkie took in her Clarsach which is the National instrument of Ireland and Scotland. Miss Wilkie told us that she started learning it when she was 8 years old. Miss Wilkie played a lot of nice tunes for us and then everybody had a turn on it.

by the blue table, Aaron, Luca, Zoe and Maisie.

Science Week.
Last week was Science Week. We learned about electricity. We made fireflies. First we had a battery and we connected the light bulb on top. The light then lit up! Then we had a lollipop stick, we stuck the battery and the bulb to it. Then we wrapped the pipecleaners around the stick. We made wings made out of pipecleaners. We gave them faces too. Then the firefly was finished. We hung them up in the classroom for all to see the shining lights.


It was  fun to write on the website. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it. We are looking forward to May when we have Miss Wilkie teaching us again.
Have a happy Easter when it comes. 
By the orange table, Vici W, Adam P, Stephanie A and Jamie.