P5 News September 18th

P5 Class News

In the first four weeks of school we have settled in nicely to our new class!


In maths we continue to practise our mental maths strategies daily as well as learning new concepts


In literacy we have been studying the phonemes /ee/ /ai/ /igh/ /oe/. We have also been doing partner dictation, used our mini whiteboard and wrote funny stories. We have enjoyed our daily silent read and also we have done our star reading tests.


We are learning about rivers, and will later learn about bridges. So far we have learnt about the anatomy of a river (in the photo), done a word search on rivers, and we have also been given photos related to rivers and described the human impact on them.


With Mrs Robertson we have looked at the stories of Noah’s ark and Moses and the Israelites’ crossing of the Red Sea.

We have also seen the Osiligi Massai Warriors from Kenya.


In class we have done our own Scottish referendum. Doctor Meryl James has also taught us some Mandarin.




We have enjoyed our trips to Tillydrone library and also swimming and table tennis at the Aberdeen Sports Villages.