Primary 3/4 News

A big hello from Primary 3/4.

Our first month at school has been very eventful!

We are getting to know each other well now and we have welcomed two new children to our school.

Our topic this term is Pirates! Aargh!
We have been learning about ships, knots, maps and famous pirates, such as Blackbeard and Anne Bonny.

We have started our swimming sessions. The Primary 4 children attend Northfield Swimming pool as part of the Aberdeen Aquatics programme. The Primary 3 children get to swim at the fabulous new facilities at Aberdeen Aquatics Centre. The children have really enjoyed the sessions so far and we have been well-organised, sensible and responsible in getting to/from and ready for swimming/school.

We have also been on a visit to Techfest where we attended three different sessions. The first was a workshop on ‘The Best of Science II’, then ‘Terrific Teeth’, where we learned about how people in the past kept their teeth clean. Some of the things they used were disgusting! Finally, we watched a performance called ‘The Wasp Who Felt the Thunder’. After Techfest, we all went down to Aberdeen beach to explore the shore. We found lots of shells and crab shells! It was a great day out.