Pupil Council

Pupil Council Minutes 15.03.17

Pupil Council Minutes


Present:  Mrs. Bain, P4/5, P5/6, P6, P7  (absent P4 – sick)

Health and Safety

We went out into the playground to look at things that were unsafe. We found

  • Construction taking place on the Annexe.  Mrs. Bain has told us that we need to be aware of the workers cleaning and fixing windows and to stay clear of these areas. Cones have been put out by Mrs. Martin to stop us from going too close.
  • There is a broken bench around the square flowerbed. It has been marked with caution tape. – Mrs. Bain and P7 to ask Mrs. Martin and the Janitor what we can do to fix it.
  • Fencing – There are holes in the wire fence around the playground and people are afraid children may get stuck in them. Also a wooden palette has been put out to cover a hole where we think a fox has been coming through.  It is not for climbing on.  P6 to write a letter to Mrs. Martin to ask her how or what we need to repair the damage to the fence.
  • Bushes are coming through the fence from neighbours. Some are very sharp and could hurt children’s face. P5/6 to ask the Janitor if these can be trimmed or do we need to ask the neighbours?

Mrs. Martin and Mrs Black have walked around inside the school to carry out a workplace inspection.  We need to make sure fire exits are clear and everyone keeps their cloakrooms tidy. Also nothing put on top of heaters or radiators.

School Estate

Mrs. Bain explained that Aberdeen City council has decided what will happen with our School.  We are not getting a new school yet but we are not moving to Riverbank either.  We need to think of things we need to improve our school.  We need to make a list per class and then report back to Mrs. Bain by Friday 17th  March.

Title – What Do we need to improve our School (please write this in your jotters for Pupil Council)

Lunchtime Clubs

More lunchtime clubs have been made

Chinese Club P6 and P7 on Wednesday  (P7 classroom)

Poland Club P2 and P3 on Wednesday  (P3 Blue classroom)

Chess club P5, P6, P7 on Friday (P6 classroom)

Games Club  P4 and P5 Thursday (P2 Blue classroom)