P6/7 Red News


Maths Week

Maths Week took place from the 11th-18th September and we were excited to take part in Scotland’s first official Maths Week. As senior pupils, we helped the younger learners all week, inside and outside their classroom, through maths trails, challenges and activities. In our class we had daily maths challenges and activities as well as working in groups through a maths enterprise topic called the ‘Lunar Theme Park’.

In this project, each group was tasked with building a new theme park on the moon. They had to create a company that would make profit from this theme park and had to take into consideration repair costs, overheads, staff wages and cost of tickets to the theme park. It was a great way to work on our social skills as well as our enterprising and craft and design skills. The week ended with each team constructing a 3D model of what their theme park looks like. They will present their final product to the class. Maths Week enabled us to really appreciate how maths is everywhere around us and highlighted how important maths is in our lives and how we use it without even knowing. We really enjoyed presenting our maths week work to the school community on Friday afternoon, it was great to showcase our talents!

Awesome Tech

Every Wednesday morning we have been working with Phil and Martin in our Awesome Tech lessons. This is linked to our topic of  Digital Technologies.


The main theme of the Awesome Tech project is ‘Mars Exploration’ and we have been finding out how we could get to Mars, what we would do once we get there and have been creating robots and base stations to survive and explore whilst we are there. Throughout all this we are improving on our cooperative learning skills, technology skills and IT skills. It’s something we look forward to every week. We are so grateful to be involved in such an innovative project.


Children have been assigned with books for homework and books for reading in school. In school we choose individual books from our Accelerated Reader library. There is a range of novels by popular authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams and JK Rowling as well as classic novels of varying lengths and a range of non-fiction. Children select a book within their reading range and, when they have finished reading, they answer comprehension questions on this book to challenge their understanding. Throughout the reading process, children take part in reflective reading activities in class and for homework. Reflective reading is in place to improve literacy standards, reading attainment and motivation in reading for all. Through regular practice and engaging activities, we  put the magic back into reading and we aim to create life-long readers with good reading habits, who enjoy and appreciate text in all its forms.