P3 Term 1

In maths we have been exploring addition and subtraction, data handling and money.

In data handling we tried making our own charts (tally, bar and venn diagram) using data from the class and around the school. For money, we thought of different ways we could make a set amount. In mental maths we have been doubling numbers as well as partitioning and counting on and back to solve addition and subtraction problems.

We have enjoyed listening to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and exploring the story. We have been using our reading strategies to explore the story: visualisation, summarising, metacognition and metalinguistics. We visited Tillydrone library to see what Louise and her staff do there. We learned how we can join the library, we listened to a story and we learned a little more about Roald Dahl. We look forward to visiting the library again and taking our library cards with us so we can take books out on the day. We have started working towards the First Minister’s Reading Challenge and we know that every book counts!

For Poetry day, we had a go at creating rhyming couplets using Oompa Loompa songs to guide us. We enjoyed being silly with our words. We also created imaginative pieces of writing to describe how we imagine it would look, smell and feel inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. In grammar, we have been learning how to use speech marks and we have started applying this in our writing.

We have recently been watching clips from the 1971 version of the film to see how the director has used lighting and music to create a feeling  in the film and also how the story compares to the book. We have been discussing this in small groups where we have been further developing our listening and talking skills focusing on taking turns and using what other people say to agree or disagree – this required very good listening!

This term we have been looking at the parables of The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep and The Loving Father. We thought about forgiveness and how much God loves us. We also learned about St. Francis of Assisi and his love for creation. We celebrated this by creating movement pieces for St. Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures and exploring Seaton Park. We also heard about the Creation Story from Mrs. Van der Plas. We enjoyed hearing how happy God was with his creation and we celebrated this by exploring nature for ourselves at Seaton Park. We were happy with all that we saw and especially enjoyed seeing the “beautiful” butterflies!

Health and Wellbeing
This term we have focused on communicationfitness, stamina and timing in P.E when we have been working on our passing skills. We have been looking at ways to communicate with our team when we are going to pass to them. We have looked at body language and position as well as the words we use. We have been working on our timing when attacking and defending; we have taken different roles to defend a goal whilst the rest of the team try and score a goal. All the while we have been working on building our fitness levels and stamina by working with the Russell Anderson Foundation in Football and completing daily mile and aerobic exercises in class.

We know how an active lifestyle contributes to us living well. This linked with our learning on the Eat Well Plate where we learned about the different food types and how a varied diet is the best diet to keep healthy. We enjoyed creating a healthy meal for Willy Wonka (where we later learned he doesn’t just eat sweets after all).

We have been using the SHANARRI wheel to guide our Health and Wellbeing learning. So far we have worked on, Safe (first aid from the Red Cross and home safety), Healthy (eat well), Active (keeping moving) and Nurtured (what makes a good friend).

In circle time we have also explored our feelings and emotions. So far we have focused on happiness,  sadness and anger. We looked at Riley from Inside Out and how she reacted to different situations and which emotion she expressed. We have been discussing and exploring ways to handle our anger.

The girls had an opportunity to visit ASV and take part in football for girls. This has inspired some of us to take up sport in our spare time. Well done girls! The boys also had a health and wellbeing opportunity at this time. We worked with P2 red boys to create a tower that would survive the earthquake challenge (stability) and the weight challenge (strength). Our towers also had to be the tallest! We enjoyed taking the opportunity to work in new teams and make new friends.


Expressive Arts
This term we have been very lucky to have 3 specialists working with us. For Drama we have been working with Mrs. Hutton on performing Oompa Loompa songs and using our body and voice to act as a machine in the Chocolate Factory.



In music we have been working with Mr. Dawson where we have been learning to play the recorder. We have been focusing on rhythm, much like we did in class when we worked with Tanka Tanka Skunk.

In art we have been working with Mrs. Croxon to produce 3D sweet shapes looking at triangular prisms (toblerone) and cylinders (smarties). We also designed new uniforms for the Oompa Loompas.

Thank you to all parents for supporting your child in their learning and for adopting Marvellous Me so positively.

Miss Bennett