This Term’s Learning in P5/6

Hello from Primary 5/6. Here are some of the different things we have been learning about this term!

Our Topic is Rivers and Bridges. We looked at ‘The Water Lily Pond’ by the French artist Claude Monet.

We used watercolour paints to create our own paintings of a lily pond. They look great!

In science we used our knowledge about electricity and circuits to create a flood detection alarm. When the sugar cube dissolved, the peg snapped shut and completed the circuit which made our alarms buzz!

We also created rain gauges to measure the level of rainfall.

Tuesday 26th September was the European Day of Languages. We used laptops to research different  countries and find out different facts about them.

We completed a Maths Trail for Maths week. We explored how we could see Maths all around us in the environment.

We have also revised how to read, write and partition up to six digit numbers. This has helped us with other areas of maths such as multiplication and addition!



Thanks for all your support.

Miss Webb