Pupil Council

Pupil Council 2017/2018

A warm welcome to our Pupil Council  for 2016/2017

Representatives from P4-P7 met for our first meeting.  We discussed the following,





  • Welcome and hand out badges. Photos taken and put on website
  • Role of Pupil Council
  • Do we still want Music on Fridays?

Yes                         No

Sponge Ball Friday

260 Balls were bought at the beginning of this school year.   It is great fun, everyone enjoys it however,

Children are not respecting the toys – they are kicking them on the roof, over fences, taking them home in their bags.

We need everyone to be responsible and to return them when Mrs. Simpson asks for them back or, this will no longer be a fun thing for us to do.

Being sensible in the space we use for Playtime (don’t go in areas that you shouldn’t)


Just Planning!

Mrs. Bain will ask Mrs. Martin for a date that we can have this on.

Children In Need