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Our Curriculum Rationale

Staff, pupils and parents are working together this session to agree the rationale that underpins our curriculum.

Our values and vision underpin our curriculum:

Vision    We care for each other in a community of faith and learning.   We strive for excellence and understanding in our learning and behaviour.

Values     Trust, Respect, Tolerance, Honesty, Generosity and Forgiveness

Our Key Drivers are linked to the SHANARRI indicators in Getting It Right For Every Child.

  • Ethos is inclusive and supportive, encouraging a ‘can do’ attitude in pupils and staff. Safe Responsible Included
  • Sustained focus on excellence in achievement and attainment. Achieving Active
  • Raise aspirations and broaden outlooks. Achieving Included
  • Nurture spiritual development. Safe Nurtured   Respected
  • Respect and tolerance for different ways of learning and living. Respected Achieving   Included
  • Trust among pupils, staff and parents. Safe Healthy  Respected
  • Valuing each person’s talents, opinions and contributions. Safe Healthy Achieving Nurtured Active Respected Responsible Included
  • Planning and assessment are proportionate, useful and collaborative. Healthy Achieving Responsible Included

Look at our working document here : draft Rationale-Poster