P3/4 November Learning

Primary 3/4 are looking forward to the new term. We will be very busy learning from all areas of the curriculum and we look forward to starting rehearsals for the Christmas shows!


Our new topic this term will be France. This is an exciting project as it will lead us to learn about the traditions, culture and climate of France. It will also allow us to compare and contrast Scotland’s landscape and wildlife with that of our neighbouring country!


We will continue to follow North Lanarkshire’s Literacy programme for reading, writing and phonics. New phonemes and spelling words are introduced weekly and children will be given learning opportunities both in class and as homework tasks to practise these new sounds and common words.

Writing opportunities will be topic related. We intend to write postcards from Paris, create our own French menus and write instructions for playing French Boules!


Mental Maths opportunities will continue and we will select a new strategy each week e.g. doubling and halving.

We have been concentrating on money and its importance in our day-to-day lives. Children have been handling money, counting out amounts and developing strategies to calculate change.

Over the next two weeks we will be looking at the concept of time, telling the time, durations of time and we will be making our own class calendar to show significant events in our lives.

Christmas Shows

We will all be learning our lines and songs for the Christmas show on 7th December. We are extremely lucky to have our specialist drama teacher Mrs Hutton and music teacher Mr Horton to lead us.

Student Teacher

We are delighted to have our student teacher Mr Clarke back in P3/4. He will be with us this month and will return in the New Year. Mr Clarke will be playing an active role in the classroom, helping and delivering his own lessons.

Some photos of our active learning