Primary 1 blue news.

Primary 1 blue news.

We have all settled very well into Primary One Blue and we can’t believe that the first term is done already!


This term we have been learning to count and sequence numbers to 10. Now we are beginning to do the same with numbers to 20. In the holidays, try counting objects that you find in the house or the leaves that you find in the park.

Next term we will start by learning about 2D and 3D shapes before moving on to addition and subtraction.


In phonics we have learned about the sounds for the letters a, t, s, i, p, n, r and m. We have been learning to form the letters correctly and we can identify words which start with that sound. We have also started to blend the sounds of the letters together to make 3 letter words (such as sat, pin or ran).

We will continue our phonics learning next term, starting with d and e on our first week back.

Our project this term was “All about me”. We learned lots about our new friends in Primary 1. We shared our favourite things with one another and learned about how our senses help us to experience the world. We tasted things that were sweet, sour, salty and bitter.


To finish our project we went on an Autumn senses walk in Cruickshank Gardens, The children worked in groups to explore the gardens. They were thinking about what they could see, hear, smell, and feel. When we got back to school, we wrote about our experiences in the garden. Thank you very much to our parent helpers for making the trip possible.


Next term we are going to be learning about the different people in school and in the community who help us. We will also be working with the P1 Bookbug pack. Keep your eyes peeled for information about an exciting Open Afternoon to showcase our learning about these books with you.

Thank you for all your support this term. Have a lovely October holiday.

Miss MacDonald.