P1 Blue

Primary 1 blue January news.

Happy new year and welcome back to a new term.

The children have settled very well back into our routines in Primary 1 blue, it was wonderful to hear them all talk about what they had been doing in the holidays.

The children have been learning the sounds h, w, j and v. Next week they will be consolidating and practising the sounds they have already learned before going on to the sounds y, z, q and x. The children will then have learned all the single letter sounds and will start to learn about sounds which use two letters (for example sh and ch).

The children are trying very hard to blend the sounds together to make words. They are practising this through reading and writing games in class.


We are currently learning about time in maths. The children started by revising the order of the days of the week. We enjoyed singing songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36n93jvjkDs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36n93jvjkDs), playing games and reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which reminded us of the order of the days.

We then moved on to learn about the seasons and months of the year. The children have been making calendars which show the changing seasons. The children enjoyed learning about the months of the year, through learning about each other’s birthdays. We couldn’t believe that there are 6 birthdays in January, but none in April, May or June.

This week we have been learning to tell the time. We have had lots of fun exploring the time through investigating clocks. We have been playing lots of games in the class to practice telling the time to the hour. During a gym lesson with Miss MacDonald we made a human clock! We all became different parts of the clock and we had to make our clock match with the times that Miss MacDonald shouted out. It was lots of fun and showed that we are becoming really good at telling the time on analogue clocks. We will be moving on to look at digital clocks to the hour too.

This term we will also be revising our knowledge of addition and subtraction, doing more data handling and learning about money.


During the first part of this term we be learning about Scotland. The children have been enjoying using Google Earth to see where Scotland is in the world. We have also been learning about where you would find Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness on a map of Scotland. We read a story called “Hamish McHaggis and the Loch Ness Monster”. We enjoyed predicting what we thought the monster was going to look like. We drew a picture of it and then wrote a sentence describing what it looked like.

We are enjoying learning to do special Scottish Ceilidh dances in some of our P.E lessons, we have also been learning some special Scottish words through singing songs.

Later this term our project is going to be “Long, long ago”. As part of the project we are going to be looking at different aspects of life now and comparing them with the past. We will be going on walks around our local area as part of this topic, closer to the time I will let you know of the dates for our walks as I would appreciate some help during these trips.

We have been learning to create our own prayers through thanking God for some of the things that are special to us.

We will be learning about a range of Bible stories this term. We will start by learning about what happened during the seven days of Creation.

We are enjoying having Mrs Jadid help us with our science lessons for a few weeks. In science at the moment we are learning about forces. We found out that a force is something that makes something move. Last week we had to sort a range of toys into a “pull” or “push” venn diagram.

Rights Respecting schools.
We have been learning about our Rights. We create our own class charter for the walk. It has photographs which show how we meet our Rights.

As a class we have been focusing on Article 31, you have the right to play and rest. We had a fantastic discussion where the children thought about why play and rest are so important. We then made our own book which shows how the right to play and to rest is met.

Thank you for all your support, if there is every anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Miss MacDonald