P3 Science Trip

Primary 3 enjoyed visiting Aberdeen  Science Centre on Tuesday 6th February as part of a Crime Scene Investigation.

Pupils started by being chemists. They were given the opportunity to take part in a chemistry experiment to identify “Chemical X” which the criminal  had left trace of. Pupils were introduced to terms such as indicator, alkali, acid and neutral. Pupils used red cabbage juice as an indicator to test a variety of chemicals. We considered how to work with chemicals safely and the importance of protecting our eyes and washing our hands.

Pupils then had a go at Chromatography where they tested a variety of inks to see how they reacted when filter paper touched water. They were then given the mystery ink the criminal had written a message in to compare with our base test.

Lastly pupils used digital microscopes to look at a variety of materials very closely. Pupils enjoyed exploring zooming in on a variety of objects such as paper, hair and coins.

Pupils enjoyed being Crime Scene Investigators and seeing what the Aberdeen Science Centre (Satrosphere) has to offer. A big thank you to our parent volunteers for helping the trip be such a positive experience and to the staff at Satrosphere.