Pupil Council

Pupil Council Minutes 16/02/2018

Pupil Council Minutes



Present:  Mrs. Bain, P4, P5, P5/6, P6/7R, P6/7B

Health and Safety

Fire Safety – a review of the school has identified the paper on the wall in the corridors to be hazardous in the case of a fire.  All displays outside the classroom and posters have been taken down until we can find a solution

Look at frames for walls to secure our work


Friday Music at lunchtimes is on hold at the minute until we can find a solution to where the speakers can safely be put.


Uniforms – our current supplier for uniforms is no longer in business.  Mrs. Martin has said this is an opportunity for us to maybe make some changes to our uniform.  We will ask our class for ideas of any changes to colour or style we would like and bring this back to our next meeting

Dining Hall Golden Rules

We thought of ideas to update our current dining hall golden rules.  P4 will design a new poster and share it with Mrs. Bain

World Book Day is on March 1st.  Each pupil can come to school dressed as their favourite book  character for £1.  The money raised will go to the SCIAF for Lent.  We will go to each class and share this information and share ideas of what book character they can come as.  P6/7 R to design a poster and share with Mrs. Bain.