Balloon Hover Craft

Primary 5/6 learned about some of the science behind the bobsleigh.

Streamlining is a way of designing an object’s shape so that air resistance is reduced and it can travel faster.

We learned that friction is the force between two surfaces rubbing together. Friction slows an object down. A smooth surface creates little friction and objects can move over it easily like the bobsleigh travelling on the ice.

Image result for bobsleigh 2018

We explored friction by making our own balloon hovercraft. Here are some photographs of us doing our experiment.


We had lots of fun watching them glide!

We looked at features of instructional writing. We then had to write our own instructions on how to build a balloon hover craft.

We really enjoyed getting to type up our instructions on the computer. We changed the font and added pictures.


Here is some of our work!