P3 – Apostleship of the Sea

Primary 3 enjoyed hearing about the work of Doug Duncan for the Apostleship of the Sea as part of their Oceans and Seas topic. Doug had many stories to share and pupils had many questions including “How long does it take to sail from China to the UK?” and “How do the boats stay afloat with so many containers?” Pupils heard of the pastoral care Doug and his team provide and how we as a class can help today and in the future. Doug invited us to get out our knitting needles to create as many hats for the seafarers as we can. We look forward to receiving the patterns to support Doug with this.

We look forward to continuing our learning on Oceans and Seas as we think about boats and how they stay afloat as well as the technology they use.

A big thank you to Doug for taking the time to visit us at St. Peter’s and helping us to think about the people who work out at sea.