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School Uniform

Thank you for your feedback about our school uniform. We have been able to organise an online supplier –

Please browse their page, taking care to select ‘St Peter’s, Aberdeen’.

Our school uniform is

Children should wear dark trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafores (grey, black or dark blue). These can be bought in supermarkets and department stores. Many local shops also stock light blue polo shirts.

Children wear gym shoes inside the school building. Please provide sensible footwear for your child to wear outdoors, remembering that children like to run around and they will play outside in all types of weather.

On days when children have PE or swimming lessons, please send them in socks rather than tights so that they can change more easily.

Jeans, leggings or brightly coloured tights should not be worn in school.

A clothing grant is available for families in receipt of certain benefits. Full details and application forms are available on the Aberdeen City Council website. You can also ask for a form at the school office.

 Please remember to put your child’s name on all clothing, lunchboxes and school bags.