P4 update

Welcome back to Primary 4. What a busy start to 2019 it has been.


We are concentrating on fractions at the moment. The children have enjoyed learning through fraction games, co-operative learning and working independently. They have learned fractions of numbers, objects and quantities and very soon will start to learn about decimals. We continue to use Education City both in class and at home. Please make sure everyone knows their login details and check for work that has been set.



We are currently learning our Scots poem – ‘A Dug A Dug’. Some of the words are very tricky and the children are doing a great job trying to learn this poem off by heart. As Robert Burns day is around the corner, we have been focusing on Scottish poems and writers to try and inspire our own writing. We will be reading a novel later this term which will be “The BFG” by Roald Dahl. This will be the context for much of the literacy work in class over the next term.


Carrying on with the Scottish theme this term, our topic is the Vikings. We will be learning throughout different curricular areas whilst this is our topic. We will be focusing on the Scottish aspect to the Vikings, who they were, what their purpose was and the legacy they left behind.


Homework continues to be handed out on Monday and brought back on Friday. If any child is having any problems with homework, please let me know. Homework is made up of topic, maths and literacy.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is a core area of the curriculum and we work to try and learn about the different ways we can be a better friend to others in class, support each other, respect each other and follow the values of our school. This term we have football with the Russell Anderson Development School every Tuesday. The focus is not simply football but fitness and teamwork skills, using football as a context. P.E lessons continue this term with Mrs. Armstrong on Wednesday. Please ensure you have your P.E kit in school every day as we sometimes use the hall for class P.E on different days.




Some of our P4 children are becoming Digital Leaders within the next couple of weeks. In order to become a digital leader you must be able to:

• Help teachers with ICT problems during the school day

• Take on the responsibility of using and storing laptops sensibly

• Learn how to trouble shoot to solve common technology problems (eg with the laptop/projector during assembly)

• Advise staff on new technologies and programmes including ReadWrite, G-Suite tools

• Help teachers to plan and deliver technology lessons

• Contribute to a blog on the school website

These are essential requirements as well as being a responsible and respectful pupil.


Please continue to encourage your child to come to school with a positive attitude and a respect for others. Our classroom is a safe space to learn and teach. With a new year some of the children have been inspired to try and improve different aspects of their time at school. Any child who repeatedly fails to follow our classroom and school rules will receive a letter which must go home and be signed by their parent. This letter will remind them of our standards and will share, with parents, why the letter has been sent home. In St. Peter’s we try hard to  Get It Right For Every Child. Thank you for your support in helping us achieve this.