P6 2018

Primary 6 January Update


This term we have been learning to write a diary entry.  We have written both personal and imaginative diary entries and have focused on using emotive language.  

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at imaginative writing and how to develop characters in writing.


We have been exploring fractions in numeracy.  So far this includes creating equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and finding fractions of a quantity.  We created a fraction wall at the start of the term. Then we practised making different fractions with pieces of paper.  Next we will be learning more about percentages.

Health and Wellbeing:

We have focused on “Active” on the SHANARRI wellbeing wheel this month. We have been discussing different types of “Green Exercise” and have been researching the physical, mental and social benefits of Green Exercise.  

Following on from last term, we have also been exploring Growth Mindset.  So far, we have done a quiz to see if we have a Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset.  We have also been discussing ‘The Learning Pit’ which is about facing challenges by jumping into the pit and having a go!  The learning pit is about learning what to do when you don’t know what to do.


At the start of term we focused on Robert Burns and worked collaboratively to produce an abstract image of Robert Burns.  Using soft pastels, we had to reproduce part of a picture by paying careful attention to detail.

Our topic this term is the Highland Clearances.  At the moment, we are considering life in 18th century Scotland and what it was like to live in a Blackhouse.  

Our class novel, ‘The Desperate Journey’, follows one family’s journey from Scotland to Canada during the clearances.



Written by the Primary 6 website group.