Term 4 in Primary 2 Red

Welcome back after the holidays and Happy Easter!


Writing opportunities link to ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ where children will be learning about life in parks. We will be exploring and writing about animals, mini-beasts, plants and trees. Phonics, spelling, reading and grammar will continue weekly.

Phonemes – This term, our sounds are e-e, ss, ll, ff, kn, and mb.

Spelling Words – father    head    mother    jump    four    miss    never    these    well    will    fell    call


Children will be learning about dividing and sharing things equally. We will also start looking at halves and quarters of different shapes. Primary 2 will be exploring measurement using lots of different techniques (hands, cubes, rulers). We will be learning to use the correct units to record our answers as well as making estimations of the length, weight and volume of objects.






This term’s topic is ‘Our Natural World’, where Primary 2 will be learning about life in parks through ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ books. We will be learning about habitats (a visit to Seaton Park to explore natural animal habitats) animals (foxes, badgers, rabbits, hares), mini-beasts (caterpillar to butterfly, tadpoles to frogs) and what plants and trees need to survive.


Health and Wellbeing

We are a very active school and Primary 2 have been enjoying swimming lessons every Tuesday! Gym days are on Wednesdays with Mrs Armstrong where we are getting the practice in for Sports Day. We are also enjoying football with RADS coaches on Tuesday afternoons. Please ensure your child has their gym kit with them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have already enjoyed an Easter Hunt in the sun and a Fun Run at Seaton Park.



Please also ensure your child is bringing their book bag to school everyday along with their school reading books and reading record. We encourage you to provide your child with a healthy snack for break time. Homework is issued on a Monday and due back on a Friday.