Primary 6 Term 4


In reading, children will continue to be encouraged to reach their targets on Accelerated Reader. They have been learning different reading strategies through our class novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. At the moment, we are learning to ask different kinds of questions when we read to help our comprehension.

Children have continued to learn how to debate by responding to others respectfully and building on each others’ ideas..  Through this, we have been learning how to write a balanced argument. Our writing this term will be linked to our topic on Biomes.


This term we continued our work on Data Handling and have focused on accurately presenting gathered data using different kinds of graphs.  We have been linking our work on fractions and percentages from last term as we deepen our understanding of pie charts. We are now exploring the topic of Time..

Health and Wellbeing

This term Primary 6 have football with the RADs coaches on Tuesday morning and PE with Mrs Armstrong on a Wednesday.  With Mrs Armstrong, children are preparing for Sports Day. Primary 6 have also been given the opportunity to organise some activities for Sports Day which they have been doing in our class PE session on Friday afternoon.

This term Primary 6 will discuss what being included looks, sounds and feels like. We will continue applying what we have been learning about growth mindset and the learning pit to learning challenges.

Pupils were given the opportunity to take their Level 2 Bikeability.  Well done to those who have passed!


Our topic this term is Our Natural World and, within this, Primary 6 are exploring Biomes.  We will learn about some of Earth’s Biomes such as desert, rainforest, tundra and deciduous forest and will compare the different climates, plants, and animals they each have.


Primary 6 participated in a series of events on the Easter story at the Mission Church.  They enjoyed the wonderful sun on our trip to Seaton Park for the fun run and managed to solve clues set by our P7s.