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Term 4 in P3/4

This term we welcomed back Mr McDermott who has been working with us on the following.


This term in Reading, our class have been looking at the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We discussed what we thought of the book and created pictures based on what we have read as a class.

In Writing, we created pictures to help recount the story. Linking to Topic, we also practised ‘bossy verbs’ when writing instructions on how to grow sunflower seeds. We will continue to work with instruction writing as well as creating fact files.

We have also continued our learning on present tense and paragraphs this term.

We will begin to read “The Riverbank Otter” to practise our Reflective Reading strategies.


This term in Maths, we have been revising Fractions. We have explored how to write and draw halves, quarters, fifths and tenths. We have also been learning how to compare fractions and how to find a fraction of a number.

We have practised creating fractions by dividing up our freshly baked bread and by making orders from our playdough pizza restaurant. Some of us even made pizza to share with the class!

In Mental Maths, we have been learning strategies of ‘Re-ordering’ and finding ‘Near Doubles’ to help us solve number problems quickly.

As we continue the term, we will be working with the data we collect from our plant growing to present it through bar graphs and other ways as we work on information handling.

Health and Wellbeing

In Drama, we have been learning how to express ourselves through emotion, voice and body language.

In P.E., we have been lucky to work with students from R.G.U. to teach us how to play Tennis, Rugby and Basketball. We have also been preparing for the upcoming Sports Day! We also enjoyed our Fun Run organised by Primary 7 for Easter Monday. We worked as a team to break the code “Jesus has risen”.

This term, we have been fortunate enough to engage in swimming lessons at the Aberdeen Sports Village. Here, we learned to work on our breathing, our floating, our stroke and how to submerge beneath the water. A big thank you to all staff at ASV who were involved.

We look forward to welcoming back RelaxKids and continuing to learn about our mental health.



Our chosen topic this term is ‘Wild Aberdeen’. We have been learning about the parts of a plant and their functions. We also learned what a plant needs to survive. We have been creating experiments with sunflower seeds to see how plants would grow without light, air, water, nutrients or space (L.A.W.N.S.). Ask us about our experiment and how we know if something is “living”. We look forward to learning more about the local habitats of Aberdeen and getting out and about in the local area. Please let Miss Bennett know if you can support us with any upcoming trips.

Mr Campbell and Mr McDermott have also been helping us with our coding skills on Code.org where we have learnt to programme a character to dance a certain way, to a specific song with varying backgrounds and backup dancers.



We enjoyed celebrating Easter as a class and prepared for this during Holy Week, exploring the stories around the Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane and Joseph of Arimathea and the Tomb.  We made our own tombs to recognise this.

We have also been learning about the story of Saint James and his devotion as an Apostle to Jesus.

In the month of May, we have been discussing Mary, the Holy mother of Jesus, to remember her prayer and learn about Rosary beads. We celebrate the Month of Mary by changing the altar colours and creating pictures associated with Mary and Spring to display.
Primary 4s continue to explore the sacrament of Holy Communion and have been working through their books a chapter a week. We last heard about Samuel hearing the voice of God. As a class we have been trying the “lectio divina” method of reading Bible stories, by listening to the reading two or three times and listening for a word or words that stand out to us. When we heard about Samuel, we remembered “lectio divina” and thought how important it is to listen.

P3/4 thank Mr McDermott for all his efforts and hard work across his 8 week placement and we wish him all the best with his teaching career.