P6 Health Week

Our learning this week has been focused on health and wellbeing as part of Health Week.  

Sports Day

Primary 6 put lots of effort into preparing for Sports Day and their hard work paid off. Well done to everyone for their participation in the lead up to sports day and on the day.

Relax Kids

We were lucky enough to get a ‘Relax Kids’ session where we practised massage, yoga and relaxation.

Seaton Park

We teamed up with P7 for an afternoon in Seaton Park where we played rounders and football.  Thank you to our parent helpers who joined us and took part in the games.


Soup and Bread Making

Primary 6 invented their own healthy soup as a class and baked bread to go with it.  We enjoyed comparing shop-bought bread with homemade bread. We created recipes for other healthy soups which pupils are keen to try out.




We were active in Maths as we explored the link between speed, distance and time in the playground.

After learning about the importance of sleep, we used spreadsheets to create digital graphs showing our sleep habits.



We used fruit to practise shading techniques where we learned about three key elements in shading: pressure control, smooth shading and understanding light.