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Health Week In P3/4

During Health Week we took part in a variety of activities looking at how we can keep ourselves happy and healthy. Our focus was getting out and about in the local area and learning new ways to interact with our peers and the local area.

Written by:  The whole of P3/4

Sports Day

We enjoyed the different sports at Sports Day. We raced in relays.


We learned new poses and practised our breathing, it helped us to relax.

Healthy Amazing Lunchbox

We designed our own healthy lunchbox. We put healthy things in our lunchboxes.

Seaton Park 

We spent a day at Tillydrone Library and Seaton Park. First we visited the library and learned new things about habitats. Some of us borrowed books from the library for the first time. We played games with the P3’s and this helped give us energy. It was fun and so it made us happy and we learned some new games too.

Some of us took special care with our charcoal sketches of life pieces. Then we did a habitat hunt and looked for different types of minibeasts and items. After that we played on the playpark with our friends.

Through the day we walked over 3 miles! Many of us slept well that night and we chatted about our sleep.

Thank you Miss Murray, Mrs Croxon, Mrs Wilson, Mr Campbell, Mrs Campbell and Miss Bennett for organising the trip. Thank you to the parent helpers too!