a welcome from the headteacher

Thanks very much to all the pupils, families, staff, church and members of the local community who responded to the Aberdeen City Council consultation about longterm provision of accommodation for our school.

A report has now been prepared and you can view this, along with all the responses to the consultation: https://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/education-and-childcare/schools-consultations/services/education-and-childcare/schools-consultations/schools-consultations/st-peters-rc-school-relocation-proposal 

The recommendation made in the report is that the Education Operational Delivery Committee agrees to:

  • relocate St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School to the existing Riverbank School building,
    after the new replacement Riverbank School has opened, with effect from August 2022 or as
    soon as possible thereafter, subject to the condition of the Riverbank building first being
    improved to a category A status; and
  • refer the proposal for investment works to improve the condition of the Riverbank building to a category A status to the Council Budget meeting in March 2020.

The Education Operational Delivery Committee will consider the recommendations at their meeting on Tuesday 17th September.