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P3 Blue Term 1 Reflections

We have been busy in Primary 3 Blue. The class will tell you their highlights of what they have been learning.

Health and Wellbeing
At the Bicycle Roadshow, we had different bicycles to show how to ride them. I was riding a three wheel bike which was real fun. Written by Maciek.

During the team work in football, we learn how important it is to help each other. I like it very much. I have fun. I love football. Written by Mati

In Yoga, we were sleeping with pillows and Miss Bennett read something relaxing. She was teaching different meditations: elephants and mountain pose and tree pose. I love it. Written by Nina.

Every child has the right to learn. We learnt that when we learnt about the UN Charter of Children’s Rights. We also cut out the rights and stuck them on red paper. Written by Kaima.

It will only take you 15 seconds to wash your hands. Written by Kaima.


We were drawing posters to vote who’s going to be the prefect. Then we stood up in class and we showed our posters to the whole class and we talked about them. We all had little pieces of paper that had all our names on. We needed to pick somebody. Everybody could choose which one is going to be the prefect from the posters that we made. We voted and Yoonjae was the prefect. Written by Oliwia & Natalia.

We  have to remind people to not throw plastic in the water because animals die. Use water wisely, pick up plastic and put it in the bin. We are going to turn the tap off when we brush our teeth. We put posters up about using water wisely. In assembly we showed our pictures about using water wisely because we are reminding our friends to pick up plastic from the water and put it in the bin.  Written by Aurelia.

We were learning about using water wisely and we made posters. We stood in assembly and we showed everybody in front and me, Nina, Faith, Ugne and Aurelia talked about using water wisely. Written by Natalia & Oliwia.


We have been doing units and tens and thousands. We have been taking away and subtracting and  partitioning and chimney sums with carrying. Written by Osman.

In Data Handling, we learnt how to collect data and build bar charts. We asked each other questions about how we get to school and we made a bar chart. I really liked that lesson. Written by Yoonjae.

We have been learning that maths has chimney sums where the number that you are starting with is on the top and the other number is under and then you put a line under and another line under the line. Then you see the numbers one is under, count both numbers on top of each other. If they make a ten put a 1 on the other side and then count the numbers together and if they don’t make a ten, put the answer in. Written by Hugo.


The free writing jotter is to write something in or draw a picture. Written by Filip D.

First you need water, then you need soap and then you need to scrub your hands together in different ways. You need to wash your hands for 15 seconds. We made a poster for that. Written by Carla and Filip D.

We read a book called ‘Words are not for hurting’. You cannot hurt people. You need to be very respectful to other people. Every day you need to be nice. We need bubble spaces everyday. Written by Carla.

We have been reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. I like the book. It is very exciting. Written by Grace.



We have been looking what God made in Seaton Park. God created the plants and trees and lots of different things. We learned that St Francis loved Jesus so St Francis decided to help Jesus by helping nature. Hugo was the moon, Carla and Nadia were stars in St. Francis song. Written by Emmanuel.

When we were in assembly Mrs Martin talked about St Thérèse. She was a saint and she was little. She went to a Church and she prayed. St Thérèse’s name was the little flower of God and she loved roses. We went to the playground and we found loads of flowers and stones and we brought them to class and we put them on the altar. There were photos in the cathedral, 2 at the front and 2 at the back because a piece of St Thérèse was in the cathedral. Other classes went to the cathedral and they were praying to her. Written by Natalia & Oliwia.

Me and Carla brought a Rosary and we were praying, I was standing at the front and Nina and Emmanuel were holding the big one from school and we stood on the carpet and we were at the front. We said Hail Mary and the Our Father and the Glory Be. We prayed for our friends and for our families with each Hail Mary. Written by Natalia & Oliwia.


We learn how to make accounts and use passwords. Written by Ugne

We have been coding. When you do coding, do not skip levels because you will not complete the level. Written by Zac.

We did bar graphs about our transport results. We put our names in the table and added the results of the transport we used. I liked it very much. Written by Faith


My Mum came to the class. I showed her the class and gave mum food. We had a good time. Written by Nadia

We are collecting Aldi stickers. To collect the stickers you need to spend £30 in Aldi. Written by Filip O.