Primary 1 – end of term 1

I can’t believe that we are at the end of the first term in school. The children have all settled in very well and have been very busy learning the routines of school and making friends with each other.


The boys and girls have been leaning the sounds a, t and s in phonics lessons. The children have been learning to form the letters correctly using some sayings.

a – circle, stick and flick.
t – stick, flick and cross.
s – sss from the head to the tail.

The children have been enjoying writing the letters in a variety of ways in class and in the garden.

We love reading stories and singing songs in class to develop our language.


In maths we have been learning about numbers. We have been counting, ordering and adding and subtracting. With Mrs Findlay, on a Tuesday morning, we learn about patterns. Through play some of the children have been learning to measure length and capacity.

Our project in school this term is “Our democratic world”. In Primary 1 we thought together about the rules that  are important to have keep everybody safe and happy. We chose our own groups when we were baking for the MacMillan coffee morning. Everyone got to bake the treat that they wanted to. We love voting between two stories every morning in order to choose our snack story. We have to count up the votes and we know that the story with the most votes is the one that we get to read.

This week we are learning about the jobs that people do in our school, Mrs Martin is going to come in to tell everyone about her job as Head Teacher.

Outdoor learning.
We love learning outside in Primary One. We have developed our gross motor skills when we had a special bike workshop in school, it was lots of fun getting to ride the different types of bikes.

We had a great time in Cruickshank Gardens with Mrs Crawford. We learned to work together, with our families, to make a den for an animal. We are looking forward to going again this week.
When we were learning about St Francis of Assisi, we spent time in the garden learning about the difference between living and non-living things. We loved looking at the special apple tree in the garden.

It has been wonderful seeing your children settle into school so well. I hope you all have a wonderful October holiday,