P4 2019

P4 News


Welcome to P4. Here’s what we have been busy doing since returning from the holidays.


We are learning about shape in maths. We have looked at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and the important features of shapes. We have also looked for shapes in real life and we have realised we are surrounded by shapes everywhere we go.


Our work in literacy at the moment is focused on learning through the Scots language. We have recently studied the Gruffalo in Scots and it was a lot of fun to try and compare the English version with the Scots version. We have learned about our national poet, Robert Burns and learned some of his poems. When Grace comes on Wednesdays, we learn new Scots poems and songs.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E this term we are learning basketball skills. We have worked as a team and learned well together. Having learned dribbling, the chest pass and the bounce pass we are working towards taking part in basketball games. In addition, we continue to learn all about our fitness through football in RADS. This term our RADS focus is speed and reactions.

We also take part in circle time activities and like to make achievable targets at the start of the week on Monday and review these targets on Friday. We use this time to reflect and share.


Outdoor Learning

Every Wednesday we work with Grace and learn outdoors. This term we have been learning about the different birds that live in our school garden and come to visit.

We have created birdhouses and bird feeders. We used old yogurt pots to make the bird feeder and so far it has attracted so many different birds. Our classroom is the perfect class next to the garden to keep an eye on them.


Thanks for your continued support.