P3 Blue Term 3

Happy New Year!

P3 Blue wish you and your family many blessings for 2020.

We really enjoyed our last week of term before the Christmas holiday. We had Santa read to us “Twas the night before Christmas”. We invited P1 to join us for this story and we enjoyed sharing it together. We also had our achievement assembly where we heard about the fantastic learning in P1-3. Some children received certificates for their hard work and efforts to be Successful Learners, Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals.Of course we enjoyed our Christmas party where we shared food together, took part in games and received a little gift at the end.

We thank the Parent Council again for raising money and purchasing a new microphone and speaker system which helped us present our Nativity clearly.

Term Ahead

We now build on our experiences from 2019 and here are some of the things we will be learning in the term ahead:

R.E – Preparing for our First Reconciliation; learning what “Reconciliation” and “penance” mean while exploring stories from the Bible such as the Lost Son, the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and Zacchaeus.

Maths – Telling the time including quarter past and quarter to on analogue and digital clocks. We will also be working on division and fractions.

Phonics –
Week 16 –
Consolidation (‘ie’, ‘ve’, ‘g’) – tell, large, spell, still, saw, own, small, something, live, give, about, around, house, hour. side.
Week 17 – /ch/ (chorus) – any, body, carry, along, story.
Week 18 – /se/ (cheese) – back, bird, add, between, world.
Week 19 – /c/ (city) – city, icy, face, place, more.
Week 20 – Consolidation/ Assessment of phonemes so far.
Week 21 – /ea/ (break) – white, why, also, turn, great
Week 22 – /ou/ (would) – should, would, open, song, hard.
Week 23 – /ey/ (money) – read, call, even, fly, close.
Week 24 – Consolidation – /ea/, /ou/, /ey/ – white, why, also, turn, great, should, would, open, song, hard, read, call, even, fly, close.
Week 25 – /ie/ (field) – begin, follow, often, letter, woman.
Week 26 – /oe/ (toe) – write, answer, began, heat, page.
Week 27 – /ough/ (thought) – walk, water, picture, once, until.
Week 28 – Consolidation/ Assessment of phonemes so far.

Reading – We will continue to use Reflective Reading strategies working in pairs and small groups to make meaning clear.

Writing – We will have a go at writing our own poems, using the Reading Bus book ‘Fit Like Yer Majesty’ and exploring Doric in the process.

Topic – This will have a Scottish theme this term. We will be exploring Scottish literature, history and culture.

P.E – We will be taking part in our annual ceilidh working with partners, increasing our confidence, rhythm and co-ordination in the process.