P1 News

Primary 1 have had a very busy few weeks since the Christmas Holidays.

In phonics we have been busy learning our next 6 sounds. We have now learned the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, r, m, d, e, c, k, g, o, l, f, b and u.

The next sounds that we will be learning are h, w, j and v.

We enjoy learning our sounds in lots of different ways in the classroom and in the garden.

In Maths we were very busy learning about time in January. We learned to tell O’clock times using digital and analogue clocks.
This week we have been learning to add numbers together. We love using numicon to help us to add up to 10.
We have been learning about shapes and symmetry with Mrs Findlay on a Tuesday.

In the next few weeks we will be learning to subtract numbers.

In our R.E. lessons we have been learning about stories in the Old Testament of the Bible. We loved singing about Noah’s Ark and we made our own ark in the classroom. We learned to count in twos when we added animals to our ark. We also have an ark in the water tray that we use to retell the story.
We have been using the school garden to pray and thank God for the things that he has created.  We learned about how God created the world in 7 days.
This week we will be learning about Moses.

We worked very hard to learn about our rights, and created our own beautiful rainbow Rights Respecting Class Charter. We thought carefully about the rights that we have, and then added the following rights to our charter;
– We have the right to a name
– We have the right to play and learn.
– We have the right to think about great things.
– We have the right to be loved.
– We have the right to eat food and drink clean water.

In our project lessons we have been learning about Scotland. We enjoyed using Google earth to look at the world and find the continents of the world. We enjoyed finding the countries that some of our families come from. We zoomed into Scotland and looked at where some of the cities in Scotland are. We loved zooming right in to our school and travelling round the streets next to the school. We will use this learning to create our own map of the local area in the next few weeks.

We have enjoyed making Scottish pieces of art. We learned about Tartan and made very cool kilts. We used something very strange to make our kilts! We also learned that Thistles are special Scottish flowers. Miss Bruce and Miss Alexandra helped us to make our own thistles out of our hand prints.

We have been learning special Scottish songs and stories. We loved learning the song “The three Craws” and think that singing “Heid, Shooders, Knees and Taes” is really funny. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to see our Scottish assembly on Friday. The children had put a lot of work into learning the story “There was a Wee Lassie who swallowed a Midgie”.

During our P.E lessons we have been very busy learning some Ceilidh dances. We had a fabulous Ceilidh last Wednesday with the P2s and P7s. We learned how to dance the Boston two step and the Virginia reel. It was lots of fun and was special to get to dance with our buddies.

Our topic for the rest of the term is “Long, Long ago in Old Aberdeen”. We will be looking at the differences between streets, houses and shops long ago and in 2020. We are going on walks exploring our local area on the afternoons of Monday 10th February, Monday 2nd March and Monday 9th March. We will be leaving school at 1.20pm and will be back for 2.45pm.  Please let me know if you are able to help on any of these dates.

We have more Family Learning sessions with Caroline Crawford coming up in March. It would be great to see as many of you as possible on the mornings of Tuesday 3rd March, Tuesday 17th March and Tuesday 31st March.

We have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year.

We have been enjoying our sessions learning in the school garden on Thursdays. We love using the outdoor environment as a stimulus for our learning. We love writing, doing maths and exploring science in the garden through our play.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Miss MacDonald