P3 Blue Update


During our topic this half term, we had a go at reading and translating Doric, exploring some of the places Doric may be spoken and finding and drawing these on maps using digital technology. We also used ICT to research information on dolphins after we read “Far’s yer dolphins noo”. We learnt lots of new words! We joined P3R, P6/7 and P7 in some ceilidh dancing. Here’s what we thought:

I like dancing and it was really fun when the girls were moving on and the boys and girls were spinning. By Faith.

I liked when I danced with the P6s & 7s, It was very fun, I liked the dancing and I want to do it again. By Aurelia

I learnt a poem about dolphins and I am excited to tell everything I learnt to my parents. By Nina.

I learnt where Fraserburgh, Ellon and Aberdeen were on a map of Scotland. By Filip O.



As we came to the end of our topic on Languages week, we went along to Tillydrone library to explore the literature there. We did a Doric quiz and also looked for different books to complete a “library hunt”. Some of us borrowed books for our next topic which will be looking at Scottish castles, especially in Aberdeenshire.

It was fun at the library because we took books home. By Mati.

It was fun going to Tillydrone library even though I didn’t have any books because we had a quiz. By Faith.


In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of time using both analogue and digital clocks. This is a life skill we are managing to use everyday.

Reflective Reading

This term we have worked collaboratively to explore our reading books in our groups. During these experiences we developed problem solving skills and dispute resolution in overcoming challenges when we could not always agree on how to move forward. We have also been working on beingĀ confident individuals in presenting our work and sharing “kind, specific and helpful” feedback.

We were doing ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class) time where we read, I really like it because we use Junior Librarian and we can choose the books we use and take them home. By Oliwia.