P1 News

We have been very busy over the last few weeks in Primary 1.

We have finished learning all our inital sounds and are working on the correct formation for the letters and on blending sounds into words.

On World Book Day we had an amazing visit from our P7s with books that they had written for us. They inspired us to write our own stories all by ourselves which we read to them. We have enjoyed choosing to write our own books in the classroom ever since.

We have been learning about money. We learned to identify all the coins and are able to put the coins in order from the lowest amount to the highest amount.

We have been learning to add money up to 10p.

We have had lots of fun playing shops in the classroom using money.

We were learning about the symbols for “greater than” and “less than”, we had fun making the symbols into crocodiles. We learned that the crocodiles always want to eat the biggest number!

We have loved learning about Old Aberdeen and how people lived long ago. For the last few weeks we have been learning about shops in the past. We went for a lovely walk down the High Street and saw lots of individual shops there. We enjoyed meeting Greg in the bookshop and using our World Book Day vouchers to buy our World Book Day books.

When we were back in class we watched a videoclip of a supermarket and made a list of things that we saw in the supermarket. We then thought about all the shops that people used to have to visit in the past and decided which shop they would have to visit for each item on their list. We then made posters in groups to show what you would be able to buy in a grocer, greengrocer, butcher and baker.

We have been thinking about how we can take care of each other during Lent. We made promises of things to do with our Hearts or our Hands to help during Lent.

In our P.E lessons we have been learning about badminton. We have practised learning to hit balloons with the badminton rackets. It has been lots of fun!

In music with Mr Dawson last week we explored the different sounds that can be made with our water tray. Mr Dawson took lots of recordings of the sounds that we made and he is going to make them into our very own music track! I am looking forward to hearing the track when we are back at school.

We have been learning about what plants need to grow. We planted our own seeds in class and have been looking after them by watering them and placing them in the sunshine. Miss MacDonald has taken the plants home and will look after them, sending photos to show how they are growing.

Outdoor learning
We have enjoyed our Outdoor Learning sessions with Caroline Crawford. Last week we enjoyed a session in the school garden because we were unable to go to Cruickshank Gardens. We had fun making things out of clay and creating a story together with them. We also made bird feeders that we have left in the garden to feed the birds.

4 go Wild in Wellies
We had a fantastic trip to the Art Gallery where we saw a super show. The show was very funny but also taught us about friendship. We loved looking at the art in the gallery and saw lots of interesting things. Before we went back to school, we got to do a craft where we made our own Wellie boots.

Things are going to be strange for the next little while. I will be in contact regularly with you all on Marvellous Me with lots of activities that you can be doing with your child at home. Keep safe!
Miss MacDonald.