P3 Blue 2019

P3 Blue Week 7 Home Learning

P3 Blue have continued to show commitment to their learning and a big thank you to families for supporting your child with motivation and encouragement!

This week we finished off our virtual journey of Oceania and we have been working together to create a digital slideshow to showcase our learning. A big thank you for all the videos and photos I have received, this is just a sample of all the fabulous learning I have received from the class! Next week we pack our virtual suitcases and travel over to the Americas!

Our plants continue to grow well as we explore what a plant needs to grow. This links to our learning earlier in the year in class where we explored the question ‘how do we know if something is a living thing or not?’

This week we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension with virtual mass at St. Peter’s with Fr. Gabor. As you can see, pupils have also been busy creating prayer spaces to celebrate Mary in the month of May. We have also continued to explore the Joyful Mysteries and some pupils even had a go at creating their own to understand the pattern.

Since we were looking at patterns in R.E.,  we have also been looking at number patterns. We have been exploring how to find the “rule” of a pattern which will help us to work out the missing number(s). Some of us also used dominoes to help us explore patterns of different types. We understand there are patterns all around us! Thank you to all of you who joined in the Sumdog Aberdeen contest. Our class came in 6th place out of 299 classes across the city! Well done!

This week in phonics we worked with the silent ‘g’ in the ‘gn’ phoneme. This was quite tricky and we learned some challenging new words such as ‘malign’ and ‘gnaw’. In writing, some of us had a go at creating our own minature books and presenting them on video. We also helped to “up level” some plain sentences using a picture of a mysterious library to inspire us.

As part of our health and wellbeing learning and drama activities set by Mrs Hutton, we continued to think about superheroes. Over the last few weeks we have thought about their qualities and designed outfits. This week we had a go at creating our own superhero mask. While making our mask we thought about heroes in the NHS, police force, fire service, key workers and many many more and watched a video from the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital to help us talk about what some of them may be wearing during this time.

Well done again P3B for your continued efforts! Have a restful weekend and stay safe.

Miss Bennett