P3B Home Learning Week 8


A few of us have been using the time during “lockdown” to start a new hobby. These include starting karate lessons and looking for satellites in the night sky! We loved sharing our stories with our classmates in Google Meets!

We have continued to explore patterns in number and the world around us. Some of us have been making use of our Read, Write, Count bags to support us with this. We focused on the phoneme “ture” this week and created some pictures with hidden words which we shared with our classmates to solve on Google Docs. As we prepare for Pentecost, we read and thought about the time the Apostles received the Holy Spirit to bring “life” to the Church and what that means for us. We sang along to “Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me”. We have also continued our work on Coding and some of us are moving on very quickly and have a new found enjoyment of the subject!

Our plants continue to grow well!


This week in topic we focused on North America and we explored a variety of countries. We enjoyed leading our own learning and sharing our work with our classmates in Google Meets.