P2 Class News.

Primary 2 have had a very busy two weeks.

In maths we have been learning about measure. We have been measuring using non standard and standard units. We loved using our feet and objects to measure things outside. We were amazed to discover that the curled up “snake” in the playground is 20 footsteps longer than the long straight snake!

We also learned to measure in centimeters using rulers and a tape measure.

This week we have been learning to use cubes to measure the perimeter and area of objects. We learned that the perimeter is the outside of an object and the area is the inside.

Next week we will learn to measure weight.

We have been continuing to use “The colour monster” to learn about our emotions.

We wrote about which colour monster was our favourite and why we liked it. We also painted the confused colour monster and love seeing our paintings hang in our very own Art Gallery!

This week we have been learning about why friendships are important and what we can do to be a good friend.

We read a super new story this week called “Hamilton’s hats”. At the end of the story Hamilton decides to design a new hat. We learned to make paper hats and designed our very own hats just like Hamilton. We think they look really cool!

We had our first RADS session with Callum this week. It was so nice to have him back with us.

We have continued to learn outside in the garden and have had lots of fun this week designing slides for the apples to run down. We have also used the apples to make cupcakes and pancakes in the mud kitchen.