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P7M News

Welcome to P7M. We are all adapting to our new way of working in school. Thanks to all the children for their cooperation and patience as they get used to a very different start to P7 life. Here is what we have been busy learning so far in August/September.

We have worked through estimating and rounding and have shown an ability to round to the nearest thousand, tens of thousand and hundreds of thousand. We can also round to the nearest 1 and 2 decimal places. We know the times in life when estimating is useful and have discussed the advantages of when we would do this in daily life.

More recently we have been learning through measurement, particularly metric units of length such as mm, cm, m and km. We have been converting between different forms of measurement and using the correct formula to do this. We will work through area and perimeter problem solving and apply this to real life examples. Following on from this, we will learn more about volume, mass and capacity.

In writing we have been focusing on writing recounts. This has involved writing reviews about books or films and thinking about what makes a good and informative review. Next we are going to learn how to write a biography of someone who inspires us. In addition, some of our class wrote letters in which they outlined why they would like to become house captains. These were really well written and well received.

Each morning we start off with word of the day. This involves us becoming familiar with and new and uncommon words and we then take part in four activities to become more aware of the word’s meaning and the different contexts in which it can be used. This has proven to be a great way to start the day, expand vocabulary and challenge us all.

We use Rising Star and Book Detectives to read in class. It is great to have such great resources at our finger tips. There are lots of opportunities for showing our understanding of what we have read through comprehension activities and reflective reading challenges.

Health and Wellbeing
So far, Self – Efficacy and Promoting Hope have been the contexts of our health and wellbeing lessons this term. It is important now, more than ever, that we share feelings, help each other and listen to different scenarios which can help us move past any tricky situations we find ourselves in. We are very lucky that we have a class that is together and there for each other and this makes our health and wellbeing lessons even more effective.

We are really enjoying RADS in a safe way. Callum has designed really fun and safe lessons which keep us active for the whole hour. We are looking forward to more RADS lessons this week.

P7M are using technology as a positive tool in their learning. Over lockdown we all learned new skills to keep our learning going. These skills have opened the door to learn in new ways this year. We share work on google classroom, receive feedback from our teacher and classmates on google classroom and showcase our learning by posting on our class stream. We are also loving Coding at the moment which is giving us a fun way to be really creative.

Thank you for all your support as we try to stay happy and safe at school.