P7M in Term 2

Welcome back to our P7M page! We’ve had a great start to Term 2. The boys and girls have been full of enthusiasm and encouragement, keeping spirits high in the classroom!


In Maths we are focusing on Data Handling at the moment. We are revising how to interpret different types of graphs as well as drawing graphs accurately and to scale. We are carrying out some class surveys to publish our own data and it has been good fun working together on this.


The children are enjoying taking part in the accelerated reader reading scheme and taking quizzes on books they have read. This challenges their comprehension skills. We are also using the Rising Star scheme for homework reading which works completely online. This has so far proven to be an effective way to continue to develop our reading skills and enjoyment at home through the pandemic.

P7M have been working on letter writing in both formal and informal styles. They have enjoyed taking on the role of big companies apologising for poor customer service!


This term our topic is Our Spiritual World. We have been studying and learning about the major religions in the world. In Inter Faith Week we recognised how these different religions and cultures are embedded all over Scotland and beyond.


We continue to take part in RADS sessions every three weeks. On weeks we have RADS we work with Callum, the RADS coach three times a week. So far P7M have shown great fitness and enthusiasm.

Through talking and listening, health and well being activities and meditation we have lots of chances to discuss, reflect and think about ways in which we could make our school and class a better place for ourselves and others.

Thank you for your support.