T2 in P2.

P2 have had a very busy two weeks since we came back from the October holidays. We have been so lucky with the weather and we have been able to use the garden and playground for learning every day. Please ensure your child is dressed for learning outside as we will continue to try to do outdoor learning every day.

In maths we have been learning about patterns and relationships. We loved making patterns in the garden and were able to describe our patterns to Miss MacDonald. We had lots of fun looking for interesting things to make our patterns.

This week we have been learning about number patterns. In the garden we loved throwing a ball to each other to practise counting in 2’s and 10’s. We also showed that we are able to write number patterns on the ground. Some of us are starting to link number patterns with the 2 and 10 times table. We had fun writing questions for our friends to work out the answers.
In the class we are regularly having “brain breaks” to count in 5’s. We are finding counting in 5’s much trickier!

We continue to develop our learning of numbers, addition and subtraction each week. We have also started a weekly problem solving lesson which we find lots of fun.
Next week we are going to start a block of data handling in class. We will be learning to create and interpret graphs.

In Phonics we have started to learn vowel diagraphs. This is when two vowels go together in the middle of the word. We have been learning that the first vowel does the talking and the second does the walking!
We have been learning the “ai” sound as in rain and the “oy” sound as in boy. Next week we will be learning the “oa” sound. We will then consolidate our learning in these 3 sounds before moving on.
We are continuing to have lots of opportunities to develop our writing, both in the class and outside. Last week we loved reading and acting out “Room on the broom” in the garden. Then we had to go on a rhyming hunt and write down all the rhyming pairs that we could find.

We have started our very first class novel! We are reading one chapter of “The owl who was afraid of the dark” every week and then we are doing some reflective reading tasks about what we have read.
Last week we read the description of what Plop looked like and then we learned how to draw our own barn owl. The blurb of the book tells us that Plop is perfect in every way…apart from one thing. Miss MacDonald hadn’t told us what the book was called and so we had to use our imaginations. We loved working together to come up with lots of things that might make Plop not perfect. Once we learned the title of the book we discussed why being afraid of the dark would be a problem for an owl.

This week we read the first chapter “Dark is Exciting”. In the story Plop met a little boy who told him that he thought the dark was exciting because you can see fireworks. We wrote about things that we think are exciting and then we created some amazing fireworks pictures. We thought up some amazing words to describe what fireworks sound like.

Our new school topic this term is “Our spiritual world” and we are learning about celebrations and festivals in different religions. Last week we thought about things that we have celebrated in our family. Lots of us spoke about celebrating birthdays and Christmas.
This week we were learning about the sacrament of Baptism and that it is a very big celebration for Catholics. We looked at photographs of Fr Gabor baptising Miss MacDonald’s Godson and we learned about some of the symbols of baptism. We drew the symbols in our jotter and spoke about what they symbolised.

As Sunday was All Saints Day we spent time on Monday learning about some saints. We reminded ourselves of our special St Peter’s saint and spoke about why St Peter was so special. We then learned about St Therese. We spoke about what we can do to be kind, helpful and to shine God’s light to others. As St Therese is known as “The little flower”, we went out to the garden and drew lots of lovely flowers round the statue of Mary.

Next week in project lessons we are going to be learning about Islam. We will be learning about Ramadan and the festival of Eid.