Term 1 in Primary 3!

Welcome back Primary 3! We have had a busy first term and have been enjoying lots of fun learning. We have loved seeing all our friends again and have settled in extremely well. We hope you enjoy having a look at some of the activities we have been doing this term.

Our first term in Primary 3

Outdoor fun!

We have been enjoying the outdoors this term. We loved making bird feeders using Cheerios and pipe cleaners and hanging them in our garden for the birds to enjoy. We have also been using our imaginations to create magical potions in the mud kitchen, pirate ships from materials in the garden and water slides! This term we have also been working together to make our garden a better outdoor space for learning and fun. We have been cleaning, weeding and sweeping and it is looking great so far! We even found carrots hiding in the planters. We had fun writing letters to local companies to ask for donations so we can plant more flowers and trees. Watch this space to see how we continue to transform our garden in Term 2.

Classroom Charter and Rules

To get used to being back in the classroom we discussed and worked collaboratively in groups to decide what the most important rules would be for our classroom. Each group presented to the class what rules they thought were most important to them. We then came together as a whole to see what the most common rules were. We all signed our names to promise to try our best to follow our rules to ensure a safe and friendly learning environment. We also enjoyed a circle time session discussing our rights as a child and we love referring to our ‘Recipe for a Rights Respecting Classroom’ regularly.


In maths we have been learning about measurement and estimation. We have had lots of fun learning to use hand spans, foot spans and rulers to measure in centimetres and millimetres. We guessed how big our playground was in metres and then used trundle wheels to see how close we were. We have also looked at the perimeter and area of shapes. We even made our own area robots! We enjoyed using scales to compare the weight of different classroom objects. We had fun measuring and comparing the volumes of different containers in the garden.


We have been enjoying lots of opportunities to engage in literacy this term. We finished our first class novel called ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and loved re-telling the story in the form of a cartoon strip! We also have been extending our writing by adding in interesting adjectives, we have clouds floating above our heads in class with adjectives describing us. This term we have been busy consolidating our P2 sounds and are becoming more confident every day. We love reading in our groups again in class and we look forward to hearing a chapter a day of our new class novel, called ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. This has been allowing us to engage in lots of reflective reading tasks like making predictions, discussing how characters feel and looking closer at the text. We even invented our very own flavour of chocolate bar and gave them catchy names. We have also written letters to local companies asking for donations for our school garden.


It has been super having RADS back and Callum has been playing lots of fun games with us and we have been cheering each other on doing races!

Have a lovely October Holiday break. We can’t wait to share more learning and news with you in Term 2. Thank you from Primary 3 and Miss Watson.