P4/5 2020-2021

P4/5 Term 2

As we come to the end of Term 2 and 2020, we reflect on what we have achieved. It was during this term that the P5’s in our class reached a milestone when they received their First Holy Communion. P4 pupils reflected on what makes this a celebration in the Catholic faith as we continued to learn about festivals and celebrations in Our Spiritual World topic.

– “This term I learned that if you work hard, you will see success”.

We have enjoyed learning about different faiths and we found it interesting that all faiths had a “Golden Rule” in common – to care for others. We have had opportunities to present and share our learning with each other and our wider school community.

As we journeyed through Advent, we took time to reflect on the Gospels of Mark and Matthew and created our own poem to share with our families as part of our Christmas presentation. We also reflected on what Christmas time means to us and created a way to display this to our families.

– “I learned about Catholic Education Week. I found out how to read the Bible and I learned about Jesus and God. We also learned about the saints and Saint Andrew and we learned about other religions of the world”


We have continued to engage with Reflective Reading through our long read texts (our group reading books in class) and our short read texts (whole class experiences). We used our Reflective Reading skills to create presentations, comparison charts, games, promote discussion and to get us thinking about what we read and watch. We especially enjoyed reading “Evie in the Jungle” and we enjoyed laughing together at the funny parts. We explored what made these funny.
– “We were learning to Reflect and Respond in our reading groups”

We applied our skills in our writing as we practised our interview skills. We enjoyed asking Miss Carr and Mrs Jadid questions about their journey to teaching and we asked Fr Gabor questions about his life and journey to the Priesthood. We asked all about how their faith guides them in their lives. The theme of Catholic Education Week this year was Jesus as the way, the truth and the life and we considered how Jesus can do that.

For World Book Day, some of us enjoyed dressing up with our families as our favourite characters.


This term we explored patterns in shape and number and this helped us with our knowledge of our times tables which we continue to practise so as to secure our knowledge. Miss Carr has been helping us to explore Data Analysis where we have taken time to create our own surveys and display the data using digital technology. We shared this with our classmates to respond to questions. In mental maths we have continued to revise strategies to help us to solve problems.

– “We have learned our times tables. It was tricky at first, but it became easy after lots of practice. I enjoyed learning about patterns and making my own pattern.”
– “

Happy Christmas to you and all your family. Stay safe and we will see you all in 2021.

Miss Bennett & Miss Carr