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Online learning in P4

The P4 class worked very hard online. We were busy engaging with all the areas of the curriculum. We are very proud to be able to share some examples of the tasks that we were engaged with.

During our online learning we spoke about being responsible. We wrote our own definitions of the word responsibility and we took into consideration different aspects of our life such as school and home.

We took part in the World Book Day. We enjoyed listening to Boot: Small Robot, Big Adventure by Shane Hegarty ebook. Our class designed covers for our favourite books and we also had a chance to dress up as characters from different books. We had a lot of fun turning potatoes into characters from different stories and playing a game ‘Guess the Character’ with our classmates.

As part of our science topic, we learned about forces and we engaged in researching information about Sir Isaac Newton. We prepared slides with the information gathered and shared them with our friends. Here are some examples of our work.