P4/5 2020-2021

Term 4 in P4/5

Primary 4/5 have been settling back into school after the Easter Holiday. We have been learning about the encyclical Laudato Si’ and the call to care for our “common home”. To start this process we looked at our carbon footprints on Earth Day to help us think about our actions and the impact they have on our planet. Following this we made pledges, little changes we could make in our everyday lives to help shrink our footprints. Each class will be learning about different areas and different ways we can help care for our common home. Our class will be learning about biodiversity. So far we have planted seeds and have been learning about bees and why they are important. We will continue learning more and look out for more information about No Mow May.

Expressive Arts
We are excited to be learning about Gaspard’s Foxtrot brought to us by #RSNO. We have enjoyed a live, interactive workshop as well as pre-recorded information videos to learn about different aspects of a performance including seeing musicians play. We especially enjoyed seeing Pippa on the harp! We have had a go at creating our own soundscapes making use of body percussion as well as on the ukulele. This all linked to our understanding of sound as vibrations. We enjoyed the world premiere of the concert “Gaspard’s Foxtrot” on May 10th.

We have also been expressing ourselves through art. We have spent time noticing the changing seasons and how this relates to our lives. We have also been creating art work and poetry for a time capsule to capture how 2020 made us feel. We enjoyed using items we found outdoors to create artwork of Gaspard.

Healthy Choices
This term each week we have focused on a different aspect of healthy living to help us make healthy choices in our daily lives. Each week information is shared on Google Classroom for families to take part at home. We really enjoyed creating our active cubes for Week 1; photos were shared on Marvellous Me. We hope you got to join in at home too!

First Holy Communion
Primary 4s have been preparing for their First Holy Communion in the Summer and will continue to do so this term. We have been reflecting on Jesus’ message at the Last Supper as well as his miracles such as the wedding at Cana. We remember Jesus is our Friend inviting us to the Eternal Banquet.

This term we are starting off by exploing angles, symmetry and shape as well as regularly practising application of our daily number processes especially multiplication and division.

Here’s what the class had to say:

Oliwia O –
For Earth day we made posters and we said what our pledges were. We used shaving foam and paint to make an earth design. It was fun! We have been listening to different instruments from Gaspard’s Foxtrot and we have made different sounds for a soundscape.

Lena –
I really enjoyed making the bees and learning about them because we found out that there are 20,000 species of bees and they can’t see red colours.

Michelle I –
I enjoyed making the blossom trees to help remind us about earth and to take care of it. Bees store pollen in their legs to take home.

Olivia C –
There can be up to 70,000 honey bees in one hive.

Nina –
When we made the trees it was really fun doing it our own way using watercolour paints. We are learning about symmetry and how a square has 4 lines of symmetry and different shapes have lines of symmetry and we used mirrors to help us. We learned about how much sugar is in different foods. 7-10 year olds need to have at most 6 cubes of sugar a day.

Marcel –
We have been learning about hockey, our writing hand goes on top and our none writing hand goes at the bottom.

Nicole –
We have been learning about how our ears work and sound needs a medium to travel through, it can’t travel through space. If we screamed in space we wouldn’t even be able to hear ourselves.

Kinga –
We learned how to play ukuleles. We know that you hold your ukulele with your left hand and stroke the string with your right hand.

Khloe –
In maths we are learning symmetry for example a square has 4 lines of symmetry.