P2 news

Primary 2 were very lucky to have Miss Ward working with us for the last 6 weeks. The boys and girls learned a lot from Miss Ward and we wish her all the best with her new school and class after the summer.

We have been learning about how to multiply numbers together. We use whiteboards to help us, by drawing diagrams of the questions.
Next week we are going to be starting to learn about Fractions. We will learn to share numbers equally and to find simple fractions of shapes.

We are continuing to learn our phonics sounds in a range of different ways. We have enjoyed searching for letters in sand to make words with the phonics sounds.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning to write newspaper reports. We have learned that newspaper reports need a headline and a picture to go with the article. We have been trying hard to remember to include what happened, who it happened to and where it happened.

James and the Giant Peach.
We are continuing to enjoy reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’ each week. We have been making fantastic predictions about what is going to happen next, learning new vocabulary and talking about how the characters are feeling.

We are continuing our lessons on our class Eco topic – food and farming. We have learned about lots of food and animals that would be found on Scottish farms. We used our knowledge to design our own Scottish farms. We are enjoying seeing our own crops grow. The bean plants are getting very tall now!

We enjoyed a virtual tour of a farm from Techfest. We loved learning about all the baby animals on the farm.

Last week we were learning about the importance of eating healthily. We learned that we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every week. We made lovely posters to encourage people to eat more fruit and veg and we shared some of these posters with the other classes at assembly.
We then chose some vegetables that we wanted to use to make our own vegetable soup! We chose potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli and peppers. We were surprised that only the potatoes and carrots came from Scotland. We are going to learn more about where different fruits and vegetables come from, and why it is important to try to buy food that has not travelled a long way. We enjoyed learning to chop the carrots safely with Mrs Canilang. We enjoyed eating the soup! Most of us tried the soup to see what it tasted like. We thought that it was very yummy, and really easy to make.

Time capsule.
Miss Ward used to be an archaeologist. She taught us about what it means to be an archaeologist and why it is important to learn about the past. She brought in lots of interesting things for us to look at and we had to decide what sort of person owned these things. Miss Ward then helped us to think about things that we would like to include in a time capsule to tell people in the future what life was like for us during Covid-19. We drew lots of lovely pictures of things that have been important to us. Here are a few of our time capsule entries;