P4 2021-2022

Lot’s of fun, lot’s of fresh air!

We had an amazing time visiting St Machar Cathedral. We learned so many new things about the building and its history. One of the things we found out was about the shields on the ceiling. There are 3 rows of 16 shields, so altogether there are 48 shields. They represent different important people from the past. The ceiling looks amazing and it was made in 1520- we managed to calculate that it was 502 years ago.

We were so lucky to have Catherine as our guide because she told us so many interesting facts about the Cathedral. For some of us it was the first visit to St Machar Cathedral. It was amazing to find out that we have such a treasure on our doorstep. If you would like to visit, we highly recommend it. You can also learn more about the Cathedral here.

Active Adventure Day Timetable – 25th February 2022 “House Points Bonanza”

On 25th February we had a day of different outdoor activities. They were planned, prepared and led by P7s and house captains. During the whole day we were collecting house points for our houses. That was a lot of fun.

If you are wondering why some of the photos are blurry, well speed was of the essence here, that’s why!